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Tracy S., Los Gatos, Ca. 6/9/12 5/5 Stars

My English Bulldog, Nina is a patient of Dr. Saiki's and she is doing wonderfully.  I had called Dr. Saiki 4 months ago when Nina was having a terrible skin issue and had been scratching herself raw.  She is an old dog and also doesn't hear or see very well.  Dr. Saiki spent an hour and a half, parked in front of my house, with Nina and I going over what we needed to do to help her get better.  She carefully evaulated Nina and prescribed the medications (which she had in her mobile care van) that I was to give Nina daily.  Nina was suffering from several things in addition to her skin.  I felt very comfortable and confident that Dr. Saiki knew what to do to help my dog.  It was a great experience.  

We had a re-check with Dr. Saiki today and it went great.  Nina is doing 150% better and the course of treatment Dr. Saiki recommended worked.  I was very happy with the cost of Dr. Saiki's service as well.  She is very reasonable.

Boyd R., San Jose, Ca. 6/2/2012 5/5 Stars

I called Dr. Saiki for help when my poor dog was dying of lymphoma. She was kind and understanding on the phone. I called her several times to ask many questions and to ask for help in deciding when my poor pup had had enough. It was clear that she does this terrible work out of love and compassion. My dog died before our appointment with her, so I was never her client. Even though she made no money from me, and in fact refused payment when I offered, she was generous with her time and expertise. Not everyone can spend her days euthanizing pets. I'm grateful that there is someone who can, and grateful that it is someone so kind.

Matt B., Campbell, CA, 4/22/2012 5/5 Stars

Dr. Saiki was extremely helpful when I had a recent need for her services.  My golden retriever has a cancerous tumor and was expected to need euthanasia at any time.  Dr. Saiki explained, in a practical fashion, the methods by which both his life could be prolonged and its quality ensured and monitored.  My dog hasn't missed a meal since and is smiling alertly at me while I write this.  Dr. Saiki has since called to check in and offer further help. She cares. Thank you Dr. Saiki!!

Joni B, Los, Gatos, CA, 4/5/2012, 5/5 Stars

I am so happy that I used Dr. Saiki to put our cat to sleep.  She was so kind and loving and took her time.  I  had to put another cat put to sleep several years ago and all they did was place the drugs through a vein on the cat's leg.  Dr. Sauki explained that this can be painful to the cat, so she took her time and gave her two different shots that took away pain, and then made her very groggy.  By the time she gave the final injection, our cat was feeling no pain at all.

This process took close to an hour, but I was able to pet and hold my cat while she was gently falling asleep.  

I am so happy that I didn't  have to load my cat  up in the car and traumatize her more by taking her to a vet hospital.   

If you have to face the hard decision with a pet, do yourself and your pet a favor and do it at home.  And, with Dr. Saiki!!

Marybeth M., Los Gatos, CA 2/12/2012

Highly professional, excellent care for our two pets; an 8 year old cat and new puppy! My family is a first time dog owner and found Dr. Saiki's services to be above our expectations. She provided a thorough examination of our 12 week old puppy, helpful education for us regarding his care, what to expect and terrific follow-up. My husband is a surgeon and was impressed with her mobile facility and commented on its impeccable, organized appearance. Dr. Saiki is very gracious to answer all of our questions and encourages phone advice about anything including what to feed our pet and how to bathe him. I called her when he was sick to his stomach and she explained how to introduce food such as white rice with a bit of baby food. Once I called her just to ask if it was ok to feed him bones. She advised us not to feed him meat bones and explained why even though we thought it would cause no harm. I feel like a new doting mother but our much loved pet is thriving at 6 months thanks to her conscientious care! The cat didn't seem to mind his shots at all but what a convenience not to have to bring two pets to the vet. She came to us! I have been recommending her services to all my friends!

Candice M., Campbell, CA 1/12/2012 5/5 Stars

After reading some of the comments I am surprised at the negative ones.  I have a 6 year old Great Dane who developed Wooblers about 7 months ago.  Needless to say I can not put him in my SUV to take him to the vet because it may cause further damage, so I called Dr. Saiki to come to my home and help with Aengus' anal infection.  Not only did she show up on time and took care of the problem but also came back numerous times to make sure the problem was corrected.  Trust me this is not a job that was easy to correct.  Dr. Saiki has been a blessing.  Now I don't have to worry about Aengus injuring himself trying to get in and out of the car when he needs medical attention.  I found Dr. Saiki very personable and her charges no more then what I would be charged to bring Aengus into the vet office.  Plus I didn't have to wait at the office to see the vet.  I highly recommend Dr. Saiki.

Scott M., Campbell, CA, 1/21/2012 5/5 Stars

For the past several years, Dr. Saiki has provided excellent care for both our dogs. Dr. Saiki has performed surgery, dentistry and all-round care with excellent results. She takes always takes the time to completely inform us of our options and what to expect each step of the way. She follows up promptly communicating results of examinations and tests. She reminds us when we need to update shots and keeps on top of everything for us.

My wife and I are very grateful to her for taking such great care of our "kids". We love the convenience of her mobile service and how it limits the stress to our pets. 

We wholeheartedly recommend this vet

L.S., Santa Clara, CA, 1/18/2012 5/5 Stars

Dr. Saiki was calm, caring and professional when she came to our house to euthanize my 17 year old cat.  We made this very emotional and difficult decision on a Sunday, when my normal vet's office was closed.  I didn't want my cat's last moments to be frightening by driving him to an Emergency clinic and being in strange surroundings.  I also didn't want to prolong my cat's suffering by waiting until Monday for my normal vet.  So my husband searched online and found Dr. Saiki's services.  She was able to come to our house a few hours after he called.  When she arrived, she went upstairs to where my cat was, so he could remain comfortable on the bed with me by his side.  She gave him an injection of a relaxant in the scruff of his neck.  She went back downstairs while the relaxant took effect and so I could say my good-byes.  Once he was relaxed, she came back up to give him the 2nd shot, this time a sedative.  My cat remained calm the whole time and she was very gentle with him.  Once he was sedated, she gave him the final shot in his arm and he went peacefully.  I would highly recommend Dr. Saiki to anyone who finds themselves making this difficult decision about their pet.

Genevieve L., Santa Clara, CA, 9/3/2011, 5/5 Stars

We have been a client of Dr Saiki for several years and have 4 pets.  The routine of shots to euthanizing my dear cat of 20 years is our history.  She has always been there for us and has worked with us and our schedule's etc.  She is very caring to our family.

Christopher K., Campbell, Ca. 8/1/2011, 5/5 Stars

Dr. Saiki has taken care of our two cats for many years.  She has always been prompt when I have called and asked to see her.  She has handled many problems for us ranging from dental procedures to cardiac ultra-sound and everything in-between.  She has talked with us many times on the phone without charge giving sound advice as to how to treat our latest cat problem.

When it came time for one of our cats to move on, she came and performed the service in our house and this made an unbearable situation bearable.

I would have no reservations recommending her to others and have done so many times.

Debra H, Campbell, CA, 7/8/2011, 5/5 Stars

Dr. Saiki came to my home for the second visit in a year for the second of my cats.  When I called this morning, altho it had been over six months since the last (first) time she had seen me, SHE REMEMBERED ME AND MY CAT!  How refreshing was THAT?  As with my first experience, she was informative, engaged with my cat, and clearly laid out my options for treatment.  I will continue to use Dr. Saiki's services as long as she is willing to treat my kitties.  Her immediate response to phone calls and visiting within a couple of hours of my call helped aleve my concerns about my sick cat.  You rock, Dr. Saiki!


Jacqueline R., Campbell, CA, 6/11/2011, 4/5 Stars

We have been using Dr. Saki since 2003 for our two cats.  Most recently, our 16 year old had been having issues with constipation and he needed blood work done due to his thyroid problem.  When we left her mobile unit Mr. Ghost was having a panic attack on our lawn.  As he was gasping for air, and before I could finish talking to Dr. Saki, she was running out of her mobile care unit, grabbed him and got him on oxygen until he was ok.  We were very grateful for her quick response and so was Mr. Ghost.

Christine S., Los Gatos, CA, 6/9/11, 5/5 Stars

I have had Dr. Saiki come to my home on three different occasions. First to take care of my dog who had been limping for a few days. I had taken her to our regular vet a few months before for the same reason. After looking the dog over the old vet said it was probably a mild sprain. When it happened again, I called Dr. Saiki who came to my home (which is a great convenience) and preformed a thorough exam. She discovered that because my dog ran vigorously, her patella would pop out of was not a mild sprain. The only correction for this problem however is surgery, as it occurs every time she goes out running. 

The second time I had Dr. Saiki to my home was a few weeks later when my pup stopped eating. She was diagnosed with intestinal gastritis (I believe). After following Dr. Saiki's recommended treatment, my dog was back to her normal happy self within a few days (no meds needed...which is always  a plus).

The thing I appreciate about Dr. Saiki is that she comes to you...I love it. When I got a new kitten she came to my home to administer his first set of shots. Not only is the fact that Dr. Saiki comes to the home a convenience for me but it is so much less stressful for the animals. 

I have to tell you that like children, animals are a good judge of character. Both my furry kids love her. I can tell by the way she interacts with them that she truly loves what she does. When I have taken my dog to the vet in the past, she would always growl when she saw the vet...but not when Dr. Saiki comes around, my girl is actually happy to see her. Now that says a lot.

Christina E., San Jose, Ca. 6/8/2011, 5/5 Stars

When one of my animals is old & sick and ready to be put down, for me, the hardest part is getting my sick old dog or cat into the car - and then having to drive to a clinic for this very hard decision to be completed (and I am sobbing the entire way). 

About 3 months ago, I myself was sick, my cat was very sick, and I was just physically and mentally unable to do this. I found the Yellow Pages (yes some people still use paper books) and by the grace of God I found Dr. Saiki. She was very patient over the phone as I sobbed out the condition of my cat; I thought she had a stroke, she was staggering and could not walk. I asked Dr. Saiki if she could come to my home to put Princess (my cat) down. Dr. Saiki was at my home within an hour. She was very kind, gentle and soothing to Princess. She had come prepared to put my cat down. Normally, when any of my animals are being examined by any vet, they are nervous, shaking, pooing or peeing out of fear. Not this time. Not at all. Dr. Saiki performed a number of diagnostic procedures (looking in eyes, mouth, temp), and most important in this case, some specific physical dexterity tests to validate my concerns of a stroke. Bottom line, Dr. Saiki gave me a different diagnosis. Cut to the good news - after a round of medicine my cat is still here! 

Cats and dogs do NOT like going to a veterinary clinic. They risk being exposed to other animals who are sick. What better way to treat your pet but to have a vet come to your home. The animal is not traumatized, they are not anxious, heck - Princess didn't even realize Dr. Saiki was observing her! I will never, ever go to a clinic again, or need to clean cat urine out of my car, or dog barf (sorry for the thoughts!). 

And for anyone who has to consider putting a pet down, what better way for such a hard thing to do than keep your pet at home, comfortable and secure, until it is over. Dr. Saiki has been to my home since this time - Princess is purring and getting fat - and I have found the best vet in Santa Clara County. Do not hesitate to call this vet for anything - she is great!

Richard M., San Jose, Ca., 6/7/2011, 5/5 Stars

Dr. Saiki has been the veterinarian for my 3 cats for almost 6 years.  She has consistently shown her caring for my pets and their well-being.  Her mobile service has been quite valuable to me, as my cats hate to travel. Having her come to my home has eliminated unnecessary stress.

I have recommended her to several of my friends, and they have been quite happy with her service.  I will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of a compassionate vet for their pets.

Dawn E., San Jose, Ca. , 6/6/2011 4/5 Stars

Dr. Saiki compassionately euthanized my nearly 18 year old cat. She was warm and caring the entire time she was in my home. She made a very sad situation easy on me and my family.  I appreciated her explaining every step of the procedure, her gentleness with my cat and the hug she gave me. The experience was loving and peaceful which is what my cat and family deserved.

Jill.g., San Jose, Ca. 5/11/2011, 5/5 Stars

We have been very happy with Dr. Saiki's care of our darling Bernese Mountain dog!  She has answered questions, helped assess problems, and come to our house when he was feeling too sick to move.  Dr. Saiki is professional, competent, direct, and honest; she has a great sense of humor. Pets like her and trust her -- she has just the right touch!  I will continue to call her, and I recommend her to all of my friends!!

Natalie L., Los Gatos, CA, 5/11/2011

We were very pleased with the whole experience with Dr Saiki. She took wonderful care of our little yorkie for her teeth cleaning. It was very  convenient to have her come to my home with her mobile office for the procedure.  She has such a hard time going to the vet. While the sedation was wearing off, it was so easy to just put her in her bed afterwards.  And her teeth are healthy and beautiful. Glad I finally did it. I had some follow up questions and Dr Saiki was nice about explaining it for the second time.  

I'm suprised by the negative stuff written here. She and her assistant were really nice to us. I have recommended her to my senior friends that can't drive their pets to the vet anymore.  Thank you Dr Saiki!

Carolyn M, San Jose, Ca., 4/25/2011, 5/5 Stars

I highly recommend Dr Saiki. We have had Dr Saiki as our vet over 5 years. She has been great with all our dogs. When we had to euthanise our old lab she  came to our house  and was very caring. She now takes good care of our collie shep mix.  He is always happy to see her.

This is the best way to get your animal the care that they need. Dr. Saiki has taken care of our dogs for a couple of years now. Dr Saiki  comes to your house and provides full service veterinary care from her mobile van at about the same cost as a brick and mortar vet.  Having her come to you skips any anxiety on the dog's part of going to the vet.   My dog, Buddy,  a large border collie mix  rushes to greet her with his tail wagging carrying a favorite toy.  Dr. Saiki is always reachable by phone and calls back promptly. She genuinely cares about your pet's health.   She takes time to talk to you and really get to know the dog. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a really good vet to care for their animals

Jennifer T., Santa Clara, CA, 6/5/2010, 5/5 Stars

My sweet girl Bean of 15 years got sick.  We knew the end was near, but she was so sick I could not bear to take her in to the vet.  The trauma that I experience every time I have to go to the vet to have my companions put down is unbearable, and I wanted a different option for Bean.  
Dr. Saiki offered that option.  After making a couple of calls, Dr. Saiki was the most responsive and most reasonably priced.  She was on time in coming to our house, and fulfilled every commitment that she made.

Our whole family was able to be with Bean, in our living room and all holding her in her final moments.  It was so much more calm and  peaceful than the vet office option.  I did not suffer the nightmares and trauma that I had suffered previously-I really felt at peace after the sharp sadness of losing Bean had passed.
I have since recommended Dr. Saiki to a good friend, who had a similar positive experience (well as positive as it can be under the circumstances). 
Thank you to Dr. Saiki for offering this service, I am sure that this is not an enjoyable job, it is actually probably a very sad job quite a bit of the time, but it is a valuable thing that you offer to people who prefer a peaceful euthanasia option in the serenity of their own home




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