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Vet house calls | Benefits


Veterinary Housecalls are convenient, cost effective and less stressful for you and your pet. 

Serving San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Cupertino, Campbell, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Mountain View Ca.

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Margaret Saiki

Veterinary House Calls are:

  • Less stressful on you and your pet
  • More Convenient. Designed for the busy working individual with limited time to run errands.
  • Cost effective for multi- pet house holds
  • Better for one-on- one Care
  • Better for the evaluation of your pets home environment for pet hospice care
  • More comfortable and comforting for pet euthanasia, (putting to sleep you dog, putting to sleep your cat)
  • For cats who do not like to travel
  • For Large breed dogs who have difficulty getting into the car
  • For the busy owner who do not have time to drive and wait at the veterinary office and then drive home.

 Consider a house call vet for:

  • An older dog
  • Cats who don't like to travel
  • Multiple-pet households
  • Busy working individual with limited time to run errands
  • Owner seeking one-on-one care for their family pet


 With a veterinary house call there is less stress on you and your pet. In a recent survey, 23% of pet owners don't take their pets to the veterinary hospital because it is too stressfull for their pets and themselves. Isn't it true that in many instances, by the time you get your cat or dog in the car, drive to the veterinary clinic, both of you are stressed out!  This is why the number one reason owners select a veterinary hospital, is that it must be within 5 miles of their home. Our traveling vet service comes to your home. This is especially true for cats for they are known as a “flight or fight” species. They instinctually react to stress by either trying to flee or become mad and try to fight. With a Veterinary house call we can decrease this initial stress.  In addition, our house call services has the ability to provide gas anesthesia, a quick and safe anesthetic protocol for those cats who although need medical care are too mad to allow people to handle them. This is a proceedure which other house call vets in san jose are not equipted to do. 

 A Veterinary appointment at your home is also more convenient.  You can keep busy at home as opposed to waiting in the veterinary Hospital waiting room. Many of our client’s who work, are able to leave work and head home for the appointment. In many cases they just head back to work when all is done. They are able to save a tremendous amount of time. 

 If you have multiple pets there is no travel fee. You will save time traveling back and forth and to and from the veterinary office for each pet, making an appointment for your pets price competitive.

With a veterinary house call appointment you and your pet with get one- on- one attention.  The Veterinarian and staff are solely concentrated on you and your pets. They are not jumping in and out of other appointments and surgeries. Additionally, our house call vet, Dr. Saiki is a former Diplomat of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners with over 20+ years of clinical experience in companion animal medicine and as a former medical director of a major metropolitan emergency clinic, is experienced in evaluating systemically ill pets.

What does this veterinary house call practice, with the use of a State of the Art Mobile Veterinary Hospital offer that the others (using an SUV or truck) do not?  Our house call cliinic is a fully equipped unit including an exam and surgery room... it is a complete pet clinic at your home and at your doorstep.

Procedures are done on site. No referrals to other animal clinics for anesthetic procedures and surgeries...therefore no additional fees to see another Veterinarian.

 In the case in which hospice pet care is being provided. It is very helpful that they are to be able to evaluate the home environment of the animal patient.  Better recommends can be made to help with care and improve the well- being of the patient by adjusting their surrounds. In addition, the pets do not need to be moved or stressed going to the nimal Clinic for evaluation.


Sadly, in the case a pet who needs to be humanely euthanized, an at home pet euthanasia can be done in the comfort of your home.  Your pet companion will be able to be in an environment where they will feel the most comfortable. You will also be more comfortable in this trying time. Dr. Saiki, as a member of the Am. Ass. of Human Animal Bond Veterinarians, understands the emotional aspects surrounding the loss of a beloved companion.


Make it easy on your pet; Make it easy on yourself!

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Hours of Operation 

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Sunday- Open for Home Euthanasia Services only


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Nancy says:

"Instead of traumatizing my cats with the car ride and waiting room drama, Dr. Saiki comes to me on my scheduel. I work from home so it's very convenient to keep on working while the felines get their stuff done. They haven't needed any surgery yet but her mobile unit is capable of that. My mom and her friends that don't drive any longer enjoy the convenience. Dr. was very patient with their questions and concerns, too. I hightly recommend this great service. Thanks!"



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