General Services of the Mobile Vet House Call practice in San jose

General Care

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Margaret Saiki

General Care for your pet is the cornerstone of this mobile Veterinary practice and includes:


Debra H says:

"DR. SAIKI ROCKS! Although she had only seen me once over six months ago, she immediately remembered me and my cat when on the phone today. She answered my call HERSELF (no phone tree) and was able to see my kity at my home within a couple of hours. After 25 years of battling my cats, getting them into carriers, living thru the puking and pooping in the care on the way to the vet. FINALLY I can rest easy with Dr. Saiki's service. She's prompt, caring, and altogether infomative about options. She's my vet forever now. This is the calmest my cats have ever been during a vet exam! I highly recomment her service---Call Now!"