Preventive Medicine

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Margaret Saiki


Did you know that dogs and especially cats are very good at masking pain and illness?

It is the instinctual nature of these species to limit the signs of pain, illness, and disease. In the wild showing weakness attracts the attention of predators. Therefore, it is a natural survival mechanism to appear as normal as possible. If we add the obvious fact that dogs and cats do not talk and can't communicate their problems, detecting illness is made all the more difficult.

This is the reason routine exams by a trained professional is important in maintaining your pets over all health and wellness.

Examination of our Nation's Pet Health Status Highlights a Population at Risk

A recent study showed that there is an increase in prevalence of preventable disease in the last decade. (Banfield Pet Hospital State of Pet Health 2011, Report Vol. 1). Experts agree that the decrease in regular veterinary visits can be linked. According to a AVMA 2006 survey: There was a 21% decrease in the number of visits since 2001 in the dog and 30% decrease in cats. This is in spite of an increasing pet population estimated at 3-5%.


What is the solution?

Awareness and education. More an more pet owners need to become aware that pets especially cats are masters of masking disease. That routine exams are important in preventing problems or managing problem detected in there early stages.

A veterinary house call visit can be the solution for the greater than 23% who state that they do not take their pets to the animal clinic because it is too stressful the pet and themselves.