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Saiki Veterinary Mobile Care is commintted to client education with well researched articles written by Dr. Saiki

Margaret Saiki

Geriatric Medicine  

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome In the older Dog and Cat

Cognitive Dysfunction in the older dog and cat: Treatment Part I

The Older Cat: What all owners should know

The Older Cat: Chronic Kidney Disease

 How to decide the quality of life of my pet

Patient Comfort: How to increase the quality of life for the older pet


Chronic Pain and Management

Chronic Pain In Dogs

How to detect if your dog is experiencing chronic pain

Series Pain Management in dogs: Metacam

Series Arthritis Pain Management: Nutrition

Series Pain Management in dogs: Glucosamine

Series Pain Management in dogs: Tramadol

Series Pain Management in dogs: Gabapentin


Neuropathic pain in dogs and cats



Veterinary Dentistry

Gum Disease in Dogs and Cats

Feline Odontoclastic  Resorptive Lesions (FORLs)


 Feline Medicine

 Weight Watchers for Cats: How to lose weight in your cat

Feline Arthritis: How to tell your cat has arthritis



Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs: Another warning by the FDA

A Guide: Introducing babies into a home with pets, American Humane Association: "Pets meets Baby"


 Pet Euthanasia

Pet Euthanasia: Why this decision is so hard!

 A Guide on How to Decide When To Euthanize Your Pet

Pet Loss and Grief

HHHHMM Quality of Life Scale for dogs and cats

Pet Loss In Children

Pet Bereaving Pets







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