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We provide a loving at home pet euthanasia in San Jose, Ca. and the surrounding cities of Saratoga, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Monte Sereno and Mountain View


Margaret Saiki

When your pet is dying, your thoughts turn to how to help this special one who has never denied you absolute love and devotion. It is my firm belief that pet euthanasia (Greek: good death) is actually a gift. It is the last gift that we are able to give our beloved and loyal companions.

I would like to assist you in providing a peaceful passing in your home or any setting where your pet feels safe and comfortable.

The process

First, is the administration of an injection, a cocktail of drugs which is designed not only to sedate, but to relieve any pain. Since these drugs, which are carefully mixed in one injection, are given just under the skin, they are rarely noticed by your pet. They will gradually and peacefully pass into unconsciousness. A last injection, an overdose of an anesthetic is administered intravenously.

Our devoted pet family member should not spend their lasts moments with us frightened or distressed in a hospital environment. Rather, they should be near us, their favorite bed, blanket or toy.

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Please contact Dr. Saiki if you would like to place an online memorial for your pet on this site.


Kathy and Gary,
"Thank you so much for the wonderful, kind care you gave to woody over the years. As you know he was most special to us, and the fact that you came to our home to care for him made his life and ours much better. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we made the decision to let woody go. As you know this was incredibly difficult, and we are grateful that you treated him with gentleness and dignity."

Issues of Interest surrounding pet euthanasia

Please explore this website for other information on pet loss and grief in general, in children and other pet companions. If you would like more information on how to decide when to put your pet down or put to sleep your dog or cat, for it is always difficult to decide when to euthanize. Here you will find a general guide was well as a more specific or subjective guide used in Veterinary hospice care. Please note the additional how to decide pdf on the quality of life scale for your pet . Lastly, you find information comparing the age of your pet to human age. For many pet owners, being able to compare their pets age to their own helps in the decision making.

There is also valuable information concerning how to detect if you pet is in chronic pain, as well as treatment drug options to help relieve pain. 
Other terms for pet euthanasia used by owners are, putting to sleep your dog, putting to sleep your cat, put down your dog and put down your cat. They all refer to humane pet euthanasia a process to help pets at the end of their lives to have a peaceful passing.
Pricing/ Cost
Please call for pricing.
Pet quality of life consultation or evaluation. Cost varies depending on the time involved.
Please let me know if you would like help with the disposition of remains.  I would be glad to discuss your options. 
Dear Dr. Saiki,
Thank you for coming into our home and making "Jimmy's" transition from this life much more peaceful and relaxing. He was such a beautiful and loving part of our family. It has been sad to let him go. Having him put peacefully to sleep and comfortably in our house was a nice gift for him. Thank-you for coming on your day off to help our family.

Thank You,
Bo and Katie Peevey 
More Reading

Reading for Adults
AVMA Brochure on Pet Euthanasia
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Reading for Children
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Pet Loss Resources

ASPCA Petloss Support Hotline
Care Grief Support
Animal Hospice

 Group Meetings
  Humane Society of Silicon Valley Grief Counseling
Pet Loss Support Group? Pathways Home Health and Hospice
     Contact: Heidi Remmers 408-481-3220 ext 6420


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